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Welcome to, the online portfolio of Meredith L. Patterson. Navigation is to your left, and reasonably obvious in character; you can find less-structured rambling about my everyday life at Radio Free Meredith.

What's new?

10-3-06: Confused about the Military Commissions Act and how it applies to you? Check out the flowchart, in Miscellany.

8-1-06: Now mirroring the minizine previews for Paul T. Riddell's The Savage Pen of Onan and Greasing the Pan. Come for the hype, stay for the abuse! 6-7-09: removed, since both Greasing the Pan and The Savage Pen of Onan are now available from Fantastic Books.

3-6-06: Come see Some of These Things are Just Like the Others, my spiffy Web 2.0-ified presentation of QBE, at O'Reilly Emerging Technology this Thursday morning!

2-11-06: I'll be presenting Query By Example, my Summer of Code project, at CodeCon.

1-5-06: I've moved to San Jose.

12-17-05: libdejector 1.0 for PostgreSQL is out! Yes, the web demo is still broken.

7-23-05: I'm presenting Dejector this week at the BlackHat Briefings. If you'll be there or at DefCon, come say hi! Also, I'm working on a cool new addition to PostgreSQL as part of Google's Summer of Code; more details on that soon.

4-17-05: Web-based test for Dejector, an anti-SQL-injection tool. See if you can break it! [Update: Offline as of 12/5/05. We're getting the real library out Real Soon Now.]

2-9-05: PyCeptron, a Python implementation of the batch perceptron algorithm, now available in Code. Also, look for me at CodeCon this weekend!

12-17-04: Lots of content everywhere, particularly in Writing. Welcome, and enjoy!